About Author

Shruti Marjara Kushwaha

A Nutritionist by profession; I started my career as a Research Associate and worked with the likes of AIIMS, Nutrihealth Systems, VLCC, Healthkart to name a few. Being associated with research for a couple of years I was always interested in new developments in the nutrition field. But the daily grind of working 10 to 6 restricted me from doing so. It was after the birth of my daughter that I finally got to realize my passion and thus Nutrimantra was born. Now with Nutrimantra I read, I write and I spread the knowledge in a simplified manner.

Apart from reading and writing I like to watch my babies (read potted plants) grow every day and collect new recipes with a conviction; yes I will try them one fine day.

Victor Lindlahr, a nutritionist, gave the phrase “You are what you eat”. But I feel that what we eat, think, do and feel affects our health. So not only our diet; our lifestyle and thought process should also be healthy in order to enjoy life to its full. Eat, Drink and Think healthy.

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