Healthy Bites


Recipes that nourish you, energize you along with tasting good on the taste buds.

Soya-Chana Kebab

An easy-to-prepare protein-rich snack for those in between times with the health benefits of soybean, chana dal & veggies.

Vinaigrette: Basic Salad Dressing

Made by mixing oil with something acidic like vinegar or lemon juice. Salt, herbs, & spices are added as per taste & preference.

Quinoa Soya Pulao

Quinoa is rich in protein, and fibre; is gluten-free, & is an excellent addition to recipes. The addition of soy further increases the nutritive value.

Bean Salsa Salad

A salad that is rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins & minerals. A salad which can replace a meal… So what are you waiting for?

Mango Slush

An amazing recipe for a healthy and tasty summer drink. A beverage with the goodness of mango and the chillness of ice lolly.

Flaxseeds Stuffed Chapati

Flaxseeds Stuffed Chapatti

Flaxseeds are super rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, lignans & fibre which account for its reputation. Make this flavourful and nutritious stuffed chapatti to get all the health benefits of flaxseeds.

Pulses Hotpot

The recipe calls for the use of different pulses. Pulses provide protein and dietary fibre with no cholesterol and little fat or sodium. The current version of the recipe can be used as a main course and a drier version as a snack.

Fruit & Chia seeds pudding

Fruit & Chia Seeds Pudding

A guilt-free dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth. With a combination of sweetness of mango and goodness of chia seeds, this surely can be called as a nutritious treat. The recipe calls for the use of different pulses.

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