Clients love our Nutritional Services that are easy to follow.

I had an incredible experience working with Shruti on my weight loss journey. I reached out to her when I couldn’t break through a stubborn weight loss plateau. She’s a genuine professional who listens attentively to her patients. She offers a holistic approach to help them make the right choices regarding their diet and lifestyle. Her plans are highly practical and provide continuous motivation for achieving your goals. I’m grateful for her guidance and unwavering support throughout my journey.

Shavika Gupta

New Delhi

I want to share my experience in managing my ankylosing spondylitis (AS) through dietary changes and the expert guidance of Ms Shruti. I consider myself fortunate to have found a knowledgeable and empathetic nutritionist. Right from the beginning, she made me feel understood and supported. She explained the importance of an anti-inflammatory diet in managing AS and tailored a nutrition plan specifically to meet my needs.

Ms Shruti introduced me to foods with anti-inflammatory properties and emphasized the significance of avoiding trigger foods that could worsen my symptoms. She taught me how to make informed choices when it came to my daily meals and snacks, ensuring that I received the nutrients necessary to support my overall health. Throughout my journey, she was always there to answer my questions and provide encouragement. I am immensely grateful to Ms Shruti for her guidance to making these dietary changes.

Name withheld on request

I was eating right, exercising regularly and staying active for most of the day; yet I would feel bloated often.
Shruti, a dear friend and an amazing nutritionist proved to be no less than a blessing ❤️ who made me understand that my metabolism had slowed down and prescribed a mixture of natural ingredients that helped me immensely in boosting my metabolism. She is my go-to person whenever I need any advice for myself or my family. She is extremely patient, empathetic and precise in her suggestions. Thanks a bunch, Shruti for making a difference in the lives of so many people. God bless 🌺!!

Nidhi Agarwal


We approached Shruti Marjara after my husband had a heart attack. I was worried and not sure about how to manage his diet and lifestyle. Right off the bat, she was comforting and reassuring that his life will soon be back to the way it was. She listened to us patiently and understood our lifestyle and food habits. Studied the complete case and guided us with holistic and healthy ways to help his body heal and prevent further problems.

I personally feel Shruti is utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients

Because of her tactful approach and guidance, the changes were gladly made, and as a result, my husband is living a hearty and healthy life.

Shruti, Very sincerely yours.

Kavita Bhatnagar


After completing the Nutrimantra dietary correction course led by Shruti, I’m excited to share how transformative this experience has been. While I believed my eating habits were deeply ingrained, Shruti’s guidance brought about a lasting change in my diet. The program’s comprehensive approach educated me about various food types, their benefits, and drawbacks. What truly stands out is the personalized touch – they took my health parameters into account to create a tailored regimen.

Shruti’s unwavering encouragement and practical food alternatives empowered me to effortlessly shed old, unhealthy practices. This course not only instilled good eating habits but also dispelled persistent food myths I had held onto. Nutrimantra, combined with Shruti’s adept guidance, is undoubtedly a resounding success, prompting me to wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a customized and enlightening path to better nutrition.

Mayur Agarwal


I’ve been consulting with Shruti for a considerable time, and her guidance has been transformative. She has played a pivotal role in managing my Oral Lichen Planus and providing crucial prenatal dietary support.

Shruti’s approach goes beyond mere instructions; she ensures that I understand the reasons behind dietary regulations. This empowers me to make informed decisions about my nutrition. Her dedication to clarifying doubts and explaining the rationale behind food choices is truly remarkable. This knowledge has been a game-changer during the maintenance phase, allowing me to confidently manage my daily diet.

Moreover, Shruti has helped me seamlessly integrate healthy eating into my routine. Her expertise has not only improved my eating habits but also deepened my understanding of my body’s needs.

I wholeheartedly recommend Shruti to anyone seeking a knowledgeable nutritionist. She provides personalized guidance and empowers you to understand the ‘why’ behind your dietary journey. Thank you, Shruti, for your unwavering support in my pursuit of better health.

Rimaljit Kaur


As a 65-year-old woman, my journey with Nutrimantra and Shruti has been an absolute game-changer. They delved into my blood parameters and, with Shruti’s expertise, devised a plan that seamlessly integrated nourishing foods and Ayurvedic elements.

Let me share the remarkable outcomes. First off, the persistent leg pain that had dampened my spirits? Vanished! I am back into my yoga practice with newfound vigour. What’s more, my longstanding unhealthy eating habits have undergone a complete transformation – all thanks to Shruti’s guidance. And guess what? Sticking to this healthier path has been surprisingly sustainable, even for someone like me.The subtle adjustments, particularly reducing my intake of fried foods and sugar, have brought about tangible improvements in my well-being.

I can’t emphasize enough how Nutrimantra and Shruti’s holistic approach have revitalized my life.

Anita Agarwal


Shruti has been a guiding light in my weight loss journey. With her unwavering support and expert guidance, I was able to overcome the challenges of osteoarthritis and shed the extra pounds. Her personalized approach and constant motivation kept me on track. I not only achieved a healthier BMI but also gained a positive mindset and renewed energy.

Shruti’s program has been a transformative experience that I am truly grateful for. Her empathy, dedication, and tailored strategies make her stand out. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate and effective nutritionist. Thank you, Shruti, for being my partner in this life-changing experience!

Amarjit Kaur


I am thrilled to share my incredible journey of health transformation through NutriMantra. This remarkable website, www.nutrimantra.com, created by Ms. Shruti Marjara, has been my guiding light on the path to better health and well-being. Through its innovative approach to health management using the power of proper nutrition, I have experienced immense benefits that have positively impacted every facet of my life.

But it’s not just about the physical changes; NutriMantra has taught me the importance of nourishing my body with the right nutrients and making sustainable lifestyle choices. Its holistic approach to health has empowered me to take charge of my well-being and make informed decisions that will benefit me for years to come.I wholeheartedly recommend www.nutrimantra.com. Embrace the journey and unlock the incredible potential of optimal health with NutriMantra!

Richa Patti


I have found Ms. Shruti to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and general health concerns. She demonstrates a high level of work ethic through her professionalism and sincerity. Her comprehensive approach, combined with practical interventions and in-depth personalized assessment, sets her apart as a truly unique nutritionist. She firmly believes in the importance of proper nutrition and, if required, utilizes the highest quality natural/herbal nutritional supplements available. This approach has provided me with the ability to achieve and maintain my personal health goals, allowing me to lead a happier and healthier life. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Shruti!

Sanjeev Kainth


My journey with Nutrimantra and Shruti has been truly transformative. In just three months, I lost 10 kg, felt lighter, and improved my heart health. Shruti’s patient guidance made following the diet a breeze, as she explained the ‘whys’ behind every step. My energy surged, and I now effortlessly walk 10K steps daily. Not only did my weight drop, but my hemoglobin, iron, and vitamin levels also improved significantly. The newfound agility and positivity have redefined my golden years. The approach of Nutrimantra and Shruti is more than just about weight loss; it’s about holistic rejuvenation. I wholeheartedly recommend them to people of all ages seeking a revitalizing health journey.

Ashok Agarwal


Shruti is not only a skilled nutrition expert but also a great listener. She has the ability to introduce effective meal planning without overwhelming procedures. The simplicity and ease of following the daily eating recommendations have helped me change my eating habits and establish a strong foundation for sustainable meals. As a result, my cravings have diminished, and I now have the potential to commit to a long-term healthy lifestyle, thanks to Shruti’s expertise.

Dr Amarpreet


This isn’t the first time we have consulted Shruti for our diet plan. Many of our family members and friends have consulted her before, and she is truly exceptional. She exhibits a great deal of patience and explains everything in detail. Shruti takes into consideration our preferences and dislikes, and plans the diet chart accordingly.

I feel light and refreshed after following her diet plan. The best part is that I am losing weight without feeling hungry, but rather through enjoyable eating. Her diet plan requires only a few adjustments, and you never experience hunger while still losing weight. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking diet consultation.

Richa Negi

New Delhi

I am deeply appreciative of all the assistance I have received from Ms. Shruti at Nutrimantra. I was immediately impressed by her distinct focus on my lifestyle, eating habits, and her common-sense and scientific approach to tailoring a plan that would help me alter my eating habits and achieve my goal of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

She has been a wonderful and supportive coach, guiding me through a routine of monitoring my food intake and engaging in regular exercise. I feel fantastic! I extend my gratitude for assisting me in making permanent changes to my lifestyle. Ms. Shruti! I intend to continue this positive trend.

Gayatri Kainth


It’s all about adopting a healthy lifestyle rather than starving yourself. To comprehend this concept better, seek guidance from Shruti. Her nutritional mantra is simple and easily achievable. I have been following her guidance for over 2 years now and I am delighted to have her support. Keep promoting holistic health for everyone – mind, body, and soul. ❤️

Kanika Malhotra


Shruti is my go-to person for any advice related to diet. Her tips are easy to follow, and the ingredients are mostly available in our kitchen. The advice she gave me for weight loss was effective, and I successfully reduced my weight. When my husband’s cholesterol level was borderline, Shruti advised me to incorporate flax seeds along with some dietary changes. It’s been over six years, and my husband’s cholesterol is under control without the need for any medication. I wish her all the best and thank her for the guidance she provides whenever I need it.

Sugandha Bedi


I would like to share my opinion about Shruti, whom one of my friends suggested to me. She is incredibly humble. Despite not being in India, I had a phone conversation with her. She treated me very nicely and provided guidance on what to do and what not to do for my child. Moreover, she created a personalised diet chart based on my son’s condition. It has been a year now, and I am delighted with the results. I will undoubtedly recommend her to everyone, as she charges genuine fees and offers guidance whenever you need it.

Ruchika Puri


It has been almost 10 years since I started consulting with Shruti on various occasions, helping different people, friends and family. I have recommended her to so many people because I have always received a great feedback about her services.

My journey with Shruti began a long time ago when I sought her help with my weight issues, followed by cholesterol levels. The best part about Shruti is that she is an excellent listener. She thoroughly understands the situation and asks all the relevant questions.

Her food plans are designed in a way that allows us to keep eating while consuming the right amount, quality, and ingredients. She regularly seeks feedback, almost on a daily basis, and ensures that we follow her plans diligently. I have witnessed satisfying results in reducing my weight and improving other health parameters. She has been my personal favourite for all these years and will remain so for years to come.

Yogendra Negi

New Delhi

My daughter received dietary advice from you because she was overweight, and your advice really helped her a lot. Your diet plans not only assisted her in losing weight but also improved her overall health. Thank you, dear! ❤️

Jasneet Kaur Sarna


Thank you for providing crisp and authentic information. Dietary guidelines are immensely helpful in clearing the clutter of information, enabling us to plan and achieve our personal goals with ease. Thanks a ton!

Anupama Saini