Work-out while Working

3 minutes

Bound to desk for a big chunk of your waking hours you would often have wondered; how can I possibly reduce the mal-effects of my sedentary job. For those of us who find it difficult to allot a specific time of the day to exercise, desk job further adds on to the woes. But by being determined you can surely sneak in a little work-out in your sedentary schedule.

Of all the various professions, office goers face the greatest challenge when it comes to maintaining optimal energy levels, eating healthy and maintaining optimal weight. Numerous hours spent sitting, without natural light, in air conditioned surroundings can affect the health status adversely. Try and follow these pointers to enjoy a healthy you:

Limit Your Caffeine Intake: Keep an eye on your caffeine intake. A constant intake of caffeine apart from adding on to calorie can suppress your appetite, leaving your prone to overeating in the later part of the day. Try to limit yourself to just 2-3 cups of tea or coffee daily. Excessive caffeine can produce symptoms like restlessness; may also interfere with sleep pattern and thus cause headaches. Large amounts of caffeine can also lead to increase in blood pressure and may decrease bone mass density.

Strict snack and meal routine: Do not skip any meal of the day. A 5 meal pattern (3 major and 2 side meals) has been considered most beneficial.

Include good amount of Fibre in your Meals: Raw vegetables and fruits, whole grain cereals & their products, whole pulses and split pulses, dry fruits & nuts (in required amounts), are good sources of fibre. These foods will help fill you up faster and for longer time. Fibre also helps in keeping blood sugar and cholesterol in check. Add bulk to your meals with lots of vegetables and fruits. You will not only feel full and satisfied, but also avoid the gradual weight gain that many office workers experience.

Meditate or relax: Practice meditation or listen to soothing music daily for 15 minutes during your lunch hour. Relaxation has a heart protective effect as it reduces the load in your heart.

Include exercise in your daily routine: Work-out can creep in your daily schedule without you even taking a time for it or noticing it. Jot down your daily routine from getting up in the morning till the time you go off to sleep. Now try to think how you can make every work you do a little more physically active. Still in doubt… Let me help you out.

  • If you drop your children to bus stop try going on foot if possible.
  • Don’t have to make lunch to carry for work? Go on a shopping cum morning walk trip to get milk or veggies or fruits.
  • Commuting to work in a car? Park your car to the farthest spot of the parking area to allow your self a nice walk.
  • Take the flight of stairs to your floor rather than boarding a lift.
  • Keep yourself hydrated along with the work-out. Just keep a glass full of water rather than a bottle or jug and get up to have a refill whenever you feel thirsty.
  • Have you meals away from the desk. Aim to leave your desk and refresh your mind and body during lunch break. If you can, grabbing a few minutes of sunlight would also be ideal to ensure that you are getting your daily dose of Vitamin D. Also getting up from your desk will be beneficial for your posture as well as your weight.
  • Invest in a pedometer. It is a device which measures your leg movement. Researches indicate that they act as motivators to walk more and sit less.

I hope now you might find it easy to squeeze in work-out in your work schedule and will have no complaints about lack of time or resources.

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