Foods that take you FAST to ill-health: Fast Food

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There is more than a fragment of truth in the title of the article, and if you are largely living on fast food, you can actually expect to get unhealthy soon or you already are suffering from ill-health.

There are loads of problems with fast food. Let us picture a burger or a pizza or a plate of white flour noodles with large amounts of various sauces on it, and a tumbler full of bubbly cola in our minds. 

The grains in these foods are processed, are stripped of beneficial fibre and vitamins and minerals. To this grain, is now added harmful fats, artificial chemicals like emulsifiers, artificial colours, taste enhancers, preservatives and large amounts of salt. If the food is topped with cheese which is high in blood pressure raising sodium, artery-clogging and calorically dense fats, this is only adding to the health-harming potential of the food.

Non-vegetarian food lovers will add ham or a chicken patty to it. This addition contains animal meat which has been further processed and now brings more animal fat and cholesterol. To top it all we can add more chemicals and preservatives and artificial additives, by smearing large amounts of ketchup and other sauces.

Now we have a perfect recipe for giving us a large supply of bad fats, blood pressure raising salt and sodium, harsh on kidneys animal amino acids, waist expanding & fattening empty calories, insulin spiking white flour, and bone depleting soda and cola, which adds more of empty calories and gives more of sugar and insulin spikes!

Our advice: When it comes to choosing health-promoting foods, do not be guided only by your taste buds.

If your eating habits are the same as we described do not lose heart. Your faulty eating habits have made you unhealthy; a change towards betterment can take you towards good health too. Include plant-based whole foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils and whole grains, along with a naturally active lifestyle – as a way to improve health and prevent diseases.

If you still feel like having fast food, try to make it healthier. How?

Answers to this in the next article.

Image by pencil parker from Pixabay

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