gluten free diet

Treat without WHEAT!!!

A foodie’s world comes down crumbling when a cherished food needs to be avoided. It becomes all the more difficult if he / she is diagnosed with celiac disease (Read more about celiac disease). But there is no need to lose heart as life without wheat and other gluten containing foods can also be a […]


Can and Can’t Haves for Celiacs

Being a North Indian I cannot imagine my life without wheat. Alas!!! Wheat and few other cereals need to be avoided by those suffering with celiac disease (Read more on celiac disease). But there is more to the diet to be followed by a gluten sensitive person rather than just avoiding wheat, oats, barley, etc. […]


What does being sensitive to GLUTEN mean?

When someone tells you that I am sensitive to Gluten and thus can not have wheat; do you look at him / her with shock and disbelief? Gluten though technically lesser known, helps us in our everyday cookery. It gives elasticity to the dough and helps in rolling it while making chappati. Well, not just […]