Flavour without Fat

Fat apart from adding on calories also adds on to taste to our dishes. Dollops of butter melting on pao bhaji or saag make them all the more delicious. Many of us find it difficult to cook or add flavors when fat is restricted. But trust me it is not so tough. Try alternate flavoring […]


Nutrition on the go…

A frequent traveler always has an excuse when it comes to follow a diet or eating healthy… what is the use of starting when I will not be able to maintain it? A person living out of the suitcases finds it really difficult to follow a certain diet schedule which can be because of many reasons, not enough […]


Resolve to be a Healthier You

Year-end has just gone around the bend and as we all glance over our achievements in the past year; it is also the time when we try and make ourselves a better, organised and healthier human being. For this we make lots of resolutions, but all or most of them are abandoned even before the […]