Month: December 2012

Guide to Vitamins

Our current out of the box diet leaves a very small compartment for the colourful foods, which apart from adding aesthetics also add vitamins and minerals in our diet. When it comes to this food group we find it really convenient to add them from supplement bottles rather than our plates. Here’s a little nick-knack […]


Cranberries: the small wonder

Cranberry is called as the berry of all seasons. Though it is a native to North America; still through preservation techniques it is available all over the world as fruit, juices and capsules. The berries are small, hard oval in shape and a little sour to taste. ¬†Cranberry juice is a major use of cranberries; […]


Food and Medicine: Do they mix well?

Medicines and nutrients when intermingle in our body can alter each others effectiveness. It is very important to know their effect on one another especially in people who are on prolonged medication or those who need lifelong supplementation of nutrients. A medicine can interact with foods or nutrients present in foods in several ways and […]