Month: August 2012

Learn to LOVE your BONES

Ever wondered if our body had no bones? Well… it is hard to imagine that the hardest part of our body might not remain hard for long to support our falls….. if we do not take care of them. The infrastructure of bones is laid in our mother’s womb and by the time we achieve […]


Can and Can’t Haves for Celiacs

Being a North Indian I cannot imagine my life without wheat. Alas!!! Wheat and few other cereals need to be avoided by those suffering with celiac disease (Read more on celiac disease). But there is more to the diet to be followed by a gluten sensitive person rather than just avoiding wheat, oats, barley, etc. […]


FAD Diets Reloaded: Contd.

As promised I am back with few more famous FAD diets: The Zone diet, General Motors diet and Blood Group diet… Am I missing out on any popular FAD diet? Do let me know… The Zone Diet: developed by Dr Barry Sears; advices the dieter to follow the rule of 30:40:30 wherein protein and fat […]


Fuel for Muscle Building

You regularly work out to have bulging biceps or make six pack abs. Tried hard with all your might and diet to have a super model’s beefed up or wafer thin body. All in vain….. We all strive to be fit and due to increased awareness and influence of media all of us want to […]


Swap Obesity with Health

Do you find it difficult to make food choices whenever you are trying to dish an exotic preparation at home or are eating out just because you are bothered about your calorie intake? Not to worry… Try these low cal versions of high calorie foods. Having some substitution strategies up your sleeve can save a […]


FAD Diets: Reloaded

FAD diets come and go. But some of these diets have simply refused to fade. They have captured our attentions for a long time. What are fad diets and why are they called so? A fad is any form of behavior that develops among a large population and is collectively followed with enthusiasm for some […]